Options You'll Want For Your New Phone Plan

Opening a new business takes bravery and luck, and the more help you can get, the better. As you set up your office space and arrange for all the services you and your employees will need, you can look for deals that will help you control your budget while still letting your company expand. Your phone plan is one area where you get to control much of what happens, and you should look for certain options to help keep costs down without restricting how you do business.

Consistent Low Pricing Regardless of Time and Day

Long-distance plans in the past were notorious for having time-dependent pricing. You'd be charged a certain amount per minute for calls before a certain time, such as 9 p.m., with heavily discounted rates if you called after that. Those plans aren't really workable for a business because most aren't going to need long-distance business phone service at night (although there are companies open late or open 24 hours that might benefit). For most companies, those cheap rates need to be offered around the clock. Make sure you look at plans where the pricing is consistent and affordable.

Plans Based on Call Volume

Companies need to make calls in amounts that range from rarely (especially today, with email and texting so common for casual correspondence) to all the time, and your phone plan needs to reflect your actual usage. Start with a plan that you think will work and then adjust it as needed as your business grows. If you need to make a lot of calls, for example, you need a plan that doesn't have really expensive qualities like charging per minute. You'd need a bulk-minute or bulk-call plan. If you rarely make calls, however, you'd need a plan that wasn't very expensive per month, even if the per-call rate was fairly high.

Integration With Other Devices and Plan Bundling

Because businesses need so many different services now, from phone to internet to mobile service for workers on the go, it helps if you can bundle the phone plan in with other plans. For example, if you can use the same company for both phone and internet service, you likely could get a bundled plan that saves you money on both services.

Give a few phone companies a call and see what they can offer. These business phone plans are often highly customizable, so finding the right one will just take a little searching.