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What is a Business Website?
Website that displays products or services which you intend to sell, rent or lease for money
Display over 1000 products with description, photos and pricing. (10 MB of webspace + 20 MB of email webspace)
Optional Shopping cart feature, payment collection and customer enquiry email generator
Upgrade the website to accept credit cards online at an additional cost of Rs. 7500( $ 165) p.a. only.
Over 300 page website requires no programming knowledge to manage your online presence
More web hosting space
Web hosting space of 10 MB to store over a 1000 photographs of products and services. You also get an additional 20 MB of email storage space.
Display product prices and get business enquiries
Display all your products/ services along with photos, detailed description and price/shipping information. Get customer enquiries via email and phone.

Upgrade to accept online credit card from customers
For an additional fee of Rs. 7500 ( $ 175 ) p.a. you can accept online credit card payments from your customers. Use the "Virtual Card Machine" mode to collect payments from your clients who walk into your shop/ clinic/ office even if you do not have a credit card swipe machine installed in the premises...

In addition you get all the following benefits that also come with a Profile website.

Own a website and email ID in your own name for life
Only one person can own the website like "www.RoyalEstate.com". Buy it today and put it on your visiting card to give it a more professional look.


Receive all emails at one place at mail@RoyalEstate.com
Forward mail from your hotmail.com, yahoo.com or vsnl.com accounts to mail@RoyalEstate.com and access all mail from one website which is your OWN. Alternatively forward all email at mail@RoyalEstate.com to any web based email of your choice.

The POP3 feature of our email boxes is available. Those who travel a lot can access the email box from any cybercafe through this website. Even setup Microsoft Outlook on the laptop to download and store emails on your hard disk to reply to off line or for future reference.

Change jobs, change your residence, change your phone numbers but own your email name for ever.....and stay in touch with customers, vendors and friends. Your current FREE email account with Indiatimes.com, rediff.com, hotmail.com or yahoo.com may go pay so you risk losing all your contacts overnight ......own mail@RoyalEstate.com...it stays forever.

Remember all your website passwords at one place
Store website passwords that you have registered with various websites in your Business Website. Access these passwords from any computer even when you are travelling or regularly working from a cybercafe. This area is accessible only to you through a password protected webmaster area.
Maintain bookmarks of all your favourite websites
A password protected webmaster area allows you to store favourite website links . Access these URL links from anywhere home, office or cybercafe, unlike the bookmarks on your browser which resides only on one computer and has no password protection.
Get reminders for important events
Never forget your company's board meeting dates, get reminded to collect payments, be reminded to file tax and insurance claims, be reminded of your next loan instalment date, never again forget your wife's birthday, your child's annual dentist appointment, your car servicing schedule, your home lease agreement renewal date next year....and much more. Use the reminder facility on the website and be reminded a few days/ months in advance of these events.

Store addresses, birthdays and phone numbers of your employees/friends online
Using the online address book, maintain all important addresses and phone numbers (both official and personal) on the website. This address book is accessible from any computer even if you are travelling. Just login to your website using your password and access this Address book.

You can also give selective access to your employees / friends so that the everyone can keep in touch and know when someone has changed residence. This website can be the nodal point for the entire company to store each other's office and residence addresses. The next time you are trying to locate a colleagues' phone number, you know where to look. Just register "www.RoyalEstate.com" and give password access to office employees.


Publish your views globally without your own newspaper/ magazines
Publish your views any topic from the "Stock Market investing" to the "Legal matter" or let lose your "Writing skills" on the FREE publishing Webpages. Get others around the world to respond to your views and get more business enquiries.

You can even setup a password protected area to publish research papers, novels or other copyrighted material and give access to customers who pay you from around the world using their credit cards.


Store personal photos remotely on our web servers
Store private photographs in the "Private Section" of the "Photo Album " module. Upload photos from your computer onto our servers using FTP or browser based mode and access them through a password protected area from any computer.

Upload photos of personal/ private events like weddings, birthdays, office day celebrations etc. and send a passwords to all your friends/ office colleagues for them to access the same.

Store company files remotely
If there are important office documents like tax papers, contracts etc. that you would like to store offsite, you can scan them / directly upload the same into our remote servers. The "My Files" module helps you do this one file at a time or using FTP for a large numbers of file uploads. You can access them through a password protected area from any computer at a later date.
Make it the default page on your browser
You can make your own commercial website the default webpage of your browser and access your emails and favourite links all at one place. Why settle for any other default website?
Flexibility to add more links to your website and customise your service
Our unique software allows you to create more customised sections ( products, service categories, profiles of products, listing of products with pricing etc.) to enhance the product offerings on your website.
12. Change the front page and colours of your website any time
We are continuously adding new website designs and colours. You can choose to change the look and colors of your website any number of times each year at NO additional costs. Bored with the look of your current website?.......go ahead and change it ...... it is easy and requires no programming knowledge!
13 Chat with your customers
For an small additional fee of Rs. 1500 ($ 50) p.a. we can setup a live customer chat facility on your website that allows you to instantly chat with customers who are on your website.
14 Manage advertisement banners
You can place third party advertisement banners all over the website and track click through rates through a single control panel
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Benefits of a Profile website
Benefits of a Business Website
Benefits of a Business PLUS Website

Rs.4495 p.a.

Unlimited pages
10MB space
20MB mailbox
FREE domain name
FREE web hosting
Upgradeable to accept Credit cards

Make your website now for free.