Why It's Still Worth Keeping Cable Television When Everyone's Cutting The Cord

Being a cord cutter is becoming more common these days, where people are actively deciding to ditch their cable provider in favor of streaming services that they can subscribe to and cancel as they please. However, this is not always the best option for everyone. Here are some reasons it's still worth keeping cable television in your home.

You Can Still Stream Video To Devices 

You may enjoy the benefits of being able to stream your shows to any device, and feel like you are stuck in front of your television with cable TV. This is not true anymore, because many of the channels on cable TV have an accompanying streaming app for you to view content elsewhere. All you need to do is log in with credentials from your cable TV provider and you'll have access to their on demand library, and even a live feed of what's on the air in some situations. Your cable TV provider may also have their own app that gives you access to the same on-demand and live TV content that you get on your cable box.

You Will Get Access To Everything Live

One of the downfalls of streaming services is that they are often missing the live component of television. This includes sports, local news, award shows, and programs of that nature. You won't miss out on any of these live shows when you have cable, and this may be very important to you. Watching the highlights from your favorite award show online is not the same as watching it live as it happens, and that's one of the benefits that cannot be recreated with streaming services.

You Can Get DVR Functionality

It is possible to create your own on demand library by recording shows to your DVR. Later, you can watch the shows you want on your terms and skip the commercials. This may be more convenient to you, since it can even be done while a show is in progress. No need to wait until the next day for the show to show up on demand to gain that DVR functionality.

You Get The Latest Seasons

Chances are that there are a few shows that you love watching. While they are often on streaming services, these services often only have the previous seasons instead of the one that is currently on TV. Cable will allow you to keep up with your favorite shows as soon as they air, so you won't read accidental spoilers while you wait for the show to appear elsewhere to watch it.

To take advantage of these benefits, talk to your local cable TV provider.