What To Consider When Getting A Mobile Internet Plan

Are you shopping around for a new mobile internet provider? If so, it will help to know what things you should be looking for that can make it worth switching to a brand new service provider. 

Data Plans

Everyone has different needs when it comes to data, so the main thing you should be looking at is what kind of data plan they offer. If you are a light mobile user, then you may want to go with a plan where you are charged by the gigabyte. This can cut down on your monthly plan significantly since you are only paying for the bandwidth that you use each month. For those people that use the Internet a bit more on to go, consider going with an unlimited usage plan. These plans will allow you to stream all you want, and you won't have to think about how much data you are using or ration it out each month. 

Speed Throttling

The plan that you select may include speed throttling when you use a specific amount of bandwidth each month. It's important to know what those limits are. For example, even on an unlimited data plan, you may have speed throttling when you reach a cap of 20GB of data. In addition, you should also verify how slow your speeds may be throttled to. Will a 5G network throttle speeds to 4G or 3G speeds? It really depends on the mobile Internet provider that you go with.

Device Access

Planning on bringing your own device to the service? Then you need to do some research to find out if it is compatible with the network you are joining. There are generally two types of networks in the US, which are called GSM and CMDA, so it is likely that your phone works with either of these two technologies. In some situations, your phone may be compatible with both networks, which will give you much more flexibility. If your current cell phone is not compatible with the new mobile Internet provider's network, then you will need to upgrade and get a new phone.


A nice perk to have with your mobile Internet plan is tethering. This will allow you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot and connect other devices, such as your laptop or a tablet. It can give you a lot of flexibility about which device you use when you are on the go since you won't need a new cellular antenna and a separate data plan. 

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